Determining the visual resolution Slitcamera Determining the focal spot


Slit camera for measuring focal spot During the slit camera process, the focal spot will be measured by using a slit diaphragm. It consists of a thick lead frame with a 2mm wide gap. On this gap, there are two tantalum plates positioned in such a way that their surfaces, which are cut facing each other in an angle of 6°, leave a gap of exactly 10µm at the narrowest point.
The accuracy of the future measurement results directly depends on the quality of the slit camera's production. Therefore, we constantly observe and repeatedly examine all relevant features. Slit camera for measuring focal spot
Slit camera for measuring focal spot Critical features such as the actual gap width will be examined multiple times by us. In so doing, we target considerably tighter limits than those demanded by relevant norms.
Most certainly, deviating versions of this product that correspond to the customer's wishes are also available. For example, it can be necessary to design the outer shape differently in order to install the slit diaphragm into a bigger phantom. Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding this.
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