Special design

Of course, we also offer you test types that are manufactured according to your specifications.
If you need a particular shape, thickness or just a different resolution, we will find a solution which provides you with an optimal result.
There are many different reasons why you would need a test type in a special design, e.g. installing it into a bigger phantom or for reusing an already existent kind of brackets.

Special test at a 45 degree angle

We manufacture special test types in which the resolution groups are positioned at a 45 degree angle to the outer edges of the test. They generally have a breadth of 15mm and a height of 30mm. Deviating sizes are possible without any problems. The number of groups and their resolution are determined by the customer.

Circular special tests

Often, other kinds of outer shapes of the test types are needed or help functions such as notches or holes are necessary for the positioning of the tests. We will definitely meet any customer needs in this regard!

Gamma resolution tests

We will also gladly manufacture large resolution tests according to your specifications. They generally consist of lead beams with a thickness of one to six millimetres that are embedded in a massive PMMA plate.

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